Český Port was created with the idea of traveling not only on the gastronomic map of the Czech Republic, in our menu you will also find well-known classics of Polish and Bavarian cuisine with a pinch of our innovative ideas. The interiors of our restaurant will transport you to a Czech inn, albeit in a slightly more avant-garde fashion. 
From nature comes all that is good in our restaurant, both dishes and drinks, which is why greenery, brick and wood are so important to us. 
It is the glue of the atmosphere of the place.
And who hasn't heard of Czech beer? 
It is known all over the world! 
And Český Port restaurant offers a wide selection of different types of beer. What sets us apart is the traditional serving of beer, just the way Czechs like and love it! Guests can enjoy beer from the tap or bottle, which goes perfectly with Czech cuisine. We will also hit the tastes of wine and spirits connoisseurs! 
For we have Czech wines as well as traditional Czech spirits.